Authorization for fertilizer registration

In the last days of 2022 we received an audit from SENASA! We are happy to tell you that in JLA we are enabled for fertilizer registration! 🧪🥼🙌🏻 Below is the list of tests we provide: - pH by Electrochemical Method - Moisture or Total Water by AOAC 950.01 - Organic Matter, Ashes by Mufla at 480ºC - Ammonium Nitrogen by AOAC 920.03 - Nitrate Nitrogen by AOAC 930.02 - Total Nitrogen by AOAC 955.04 / AOAC 978.02 - Available or Assimilable Phosphorus by AOAC 993.31 - Water...

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Collaboration in UNRC research study

During the years 2021 and 2022, JLA's Elemental Analysis area was collaborating in the research study "Development and preclinical evaluation of photoactivatable polymeric nanoparticles for their implementation in photodynamic therapy against glioblastoma" that is being developed by the National University of Rio Cuarto. Last week we were visited by Rodrigo Palacios, Matias Caverzan and Luis Barrera, professors of the UNRC, to visit our facilities and give feedback on the project in which we are working together. Thanks to our collaborators Naara...

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Second visit of 6th year students of the Chemistry specialty of ITAPU!

We show you a little of the second visit of 6th year students of the Chemistry specialty of ITAPU, where former students of the school and collaborators of JLA made a presentation of each laboratory where they work. At the end of the tour we shared a breakfast together! We thank our collaborators, students and teachers of the institute.

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OAA Audit

On Tuesday 29/11 we received at our headquarters the Argentine Accreditation Body (OAA) in order to carry out the third maintenance of accreditation of our laboratory under the international standard ISO 17025, which establishes the requirements to be met by testing and calibration laboratories. Congratulations to the entire JLA team, especially to those involved, for their performance during the same.  

Certification at origin for Alfalfa exports

Same service, different product! Since November we perform certification at origin for Alfalfa exports! JLA Argentina, 25 years at the forefront of food safety.

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Last Thursday, Julieta Pramparo, Lic. in Chemistry and Director of Studies, gave a lecture at the III EXACTAS RESEARCH AND EXTENSION DISSEMINATION DAY and at the II EXACTAS ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES DAY at the National University of Río Cuarto. The purpose of these conferences is to generate an environment to disseminate the results of research, technological development, extension and liaison projects and to promote the dissemination of institutional pedagogical projects. In addition, graduates of the Faculty who are working in...

8th International Congress on Food Science and Technologies

On October 4, 5 and 6 we were present with our stand at the 8th International Congress of Food Science and Technology at the Convention Center in the city of Córdoba. In addition, Roberto Sandrini, general manager, attended a round table discussion together with Sergio Busso Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, Eduardo Accastello Minister of Industry, Commerce and Mining, Pablo De Chiara Minister of Science and Technology, and Federico Giraudo Dean FCQ UCC.


Today we received the visit of sixth grade students of the Chemistry specialty of the Adrian Pascual Urquia Technical Institute School where we toured the company's laboratories, the presentation of each of them was developed by JLA staff, former ITAPU graduates. At the end of the day we shared a breakfast together, and we delivered plantable pencils to continue adding actions for the care of the environment. We thank our collaborators, students of the institute, Eduardo Pizzi and Carina Guardianelli for...

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We continue incorporating technology!

In September, a German Sigma Model 2-16 KL refrigerated centrifuge was added to the Microbiology laboratory. This equipment will be used in one of the stages of the Norovirus and Hepatitis A RT-PCR techniques. Given the characteristics of this type of assays, in order to perform a correct detection of both viruses to RNA, it is necessary to work on the initial preparation of the samples at a temperature of 4ºC. JLA Argentina, 25 years at the forefront of food...

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The Agroindustrial Production Conference

We were present at the Agroindustrial Production Conference at the municipal amphitheater of Carnerillo, giving a lecture on Science and Technology at the service of the production chain. We thank the Municipality of Carnerillo for the invitation and Bioq. Florencia Fiorito for representing us at the conference.

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