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JLA CONO SUR received its first Good Agricultural Practices certificate!

JLA CONO SUR received its first Good Agricultural Practices certificate! GAPs are the set of principles, standards and technical recommendations aimed at reducing physical, chemical and biological risks in the production, processing, storage and transportation of agricultural products, to ensure the safety of the product, the protection of the environment and of the personnel working on the farm. In 2019, the Legislature of Córdoba passed into law the Good Agricultural Practices Program (Law No. 10663). The main objective is to install...

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Aflatoxin Service

With the beginning of the 2022 harvest, the trucks with boxed peanuts begin to arrive to the industries, and JLA starts the aflatoxin analysis service at the unloading / collection points. For this campaign, we will be working with a satellite laboratory in 4 of the main peanut industries. The pre-harvest analysis is very useful to segregate the peanuts according to their quality, and to facilitate both the management of the warehouse and the coordination of production. The process begins...

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First internal workshop in experimental field

We are very pleased to tell you that on Saturday 19/03/22 of last week an internal workshop was held in our experimental field exclusively for JLA staff. On this day we showed the facilities and commented on the activities that are carried out there, articulating the laboratory sector together with the agro unit. We made a tour of the different types of projects currently located in the field: Efficacy of phytosanitary products, Performance of biological products, Research, and Residues; through...

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