Quality Policy

Our senior management works to keep all staff motivated, well- trained and committed to the management system implemented. The whole team works independently, without pressure, respecting confidentiality and privacy of information. In order to assure the provision of a service of Excellence, Qualified and respecting the Good Professional Practices.

JLA provides services in the food sector, from production to commercialization. The services offered are properly documented, verified and agreed with the client before starting the provision of the same, complying with the regulations adopted without exceptions. These services can be grouped in:

  • Product Certification Service
  • Test Laboratory Service
  • Test Service for Registration of Chemicals

The purpose of the management system is to ensure that the quality of the tests or services are sufficient or superior to that agreed with the client, seeking excellence and continuous improvement. In order to keep the standardized methods updated to the latest version of the official reference standards (AOAC, FDA: BAM), JLA accredited some trials under “flexible scope”.

Professionals and technical experts JLA are partakers of the development, maintenance and improvement of the management system, and they are responsible for extending it to the whole team, without exceptions.

JLA´s senior management is responsible for administering the funds to build this system an make it sustainable. JLA’s commitment to good practices is reflected in the continuous improvement process of the management system and its efficacy.

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