Quality Policy

  • JLA’s Management works to keep all personnel motivated, trained, competent and committed to the implemented Quality Management System. The entire team works impartially, without pressure, respecting confidentiality and privacy of information, in order to ensure the provision of an excellent service, qualified and respecting the Good Professional Practices and aligned with the Mission and Vision of the organization.
  • JLA provides services in the food sector, from production to commercialization.
    The services offered are properly documented, verified and agreed with the client before starting the service; complying with the regulations adopted without exceptions. These services can be grouped into:
    • Product Certification Service: JLA certifies food products following the general guidelines of the IRAM-ISOIEC-17065 Standard and in accordance with the regulations of the Argentinean Sanitary Authority (SENASA) and those of the destination countries (when known), ensuring the traceability of processes and measurements.
    • Testing Laboratory Service: the tests offered are extensive and cover practically all the needs of our customers in different analytical areas. JLA has been accredited IRAM-ISO/IEC 17025 by the OAA (Argentinian Accreditation Body) since 2005.
      Tests are always performed according to established methods and customer requirements.
      In addition, it is a registered laboratory under the GMP+B11 protocol to perform the analysis of contaminants.
    • Research, Development and Innovation Service (R+D+I) for the promotion of sustainable agriculture: Since the recognition of the OAA (Argentinian Accreditation Body) in 2013, JLA works in accordance with the Principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP-OECD) for conducting studies of non-clinical chemical residues, necessary for registration with the regulatory authority of the Argentine Republic.
      In addition, it offers a variety of agronomic and field research tests that, together with laboratory tests, generate information of interest to the agricultural sector, facilitating decision making, seeking efficiency and sustainability.
  • The purpose of the Quality Management System is to ensure that the quality of the tests or services is sufficient or superior to that agreed with the client, seeking excellence and continuous improvement.
    In order to keep the standardized methods updated to the latest version of the official reference standards (AOAC, FDA:BAM, among others), JLA maintains its scope of accreditation with the OAA (Argentinian Accreditation Body) under the Flexible Scope modality. The tests belonging to this type of scope are listed in our LEBAF.
  • JLA professionals and technical experts are involved in the development, maintenance and improvement of the Quality Management System, and are responsible for extending it to the entire team, without exceptions.
  • Senior Management is responsible for managing the resources to consolidate this system and make it sustainable. JLA’s commitment to Good Practices is reflected in the process of continuous improvement of the Quality Management System and its effectiveness.
  • Senior Management promotes JLA’s commitment to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) principles to all sectors and services carried out by the organization.
  • Senior Management is committed to ensure compliance with the guidelines of IRAM-ISO/IEC 17025, IRAM-ISO/IEC 17065, Good Laboratory Practices (OECD).


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