Strategic Services

The growing development of new technologies, methods of analysis, the multiplicity of laboratory techniques together with the need to satisfy the client’s requirements make JLA work daily to improve the quality of the services it provides.

Identity Preserved Certification

The documentation to ensure the quality of an agro-product must begin with the control of raw materials, and this procedure must be followed throughout the process until the final conditioning.  Learn more

Third-Party Audit

We can confirm objectively and impartially that a food is produced according to a specified standard.  Learn More

Supplier Qualifications / Warranties

For the qualification of the plants, a checklist designed by JLA is used to qualify the design of the facilities, their control of pests, the training of the personnel, and their degree of documentation.


JLA has a vast experience in assessing compliance with the different requirements of buyers in Europe and the U.S. – regarding governmental buyer specifications and other aspects.

Water Quality Control

JLA provides quality control of drinking water in factories and offices. We belong to the SENASA laboratory network for water.

Brand Management

Tagged with its own brand to a product manufactured by a third part can be a dangerous risk.

Control lines and storage process

JLA audits processing lines and storage, including the health and inventory controls.

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