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Authorization for fertilizer registration

In the last days of 2022 we received an audit from SENASA! We are happy to tell you that in JLA we are enabled for fertilizer registration! 🧪🥼🙌🏻 Below is the list of tests we provide: - pH by Electrochemical Method - Moisture or Total Water by AOAC 950.01 - Organic Matter, Ashes by Mufla at 480ºC - Ammonium Nitrogen by AOAC 920.03 - Nitrate Nitrogen by AOAC 930.02 - Total Nitrogen by AOAC 955.04 / AOAC 978.02 - Available or Assimilable Phosphorus by AOAC 993.31 - Water...

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Collaboration in UNRC research study

During the years 2021 and 2022, JLA's Elemental Analysis area was collaborating in the research study "Development and preclinical evaluation of photoactivatable polymeric nanoparticles for their implementation in photodynamic therapy against glioblastoma" that is being developed by the National University of Rio Cuarto. Last week we were visited by Rodrigo Palacios, Matias Caverzan and Luis Barrera, professors of the UNRC, to visit our facilities and give feedback on the project in which we are working together. Thanks to our collaborators Naara...

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