Principles and Values

JLA instills its employees to work under the principles and values stated below.

  • We do the right thing by putting the needs of others before ours.
  • We treat others with RESPECT.
  • We give customers more than they expect from us, at the lowest possible cost, always respecting the QUALITY of the service.
  • Our commitment is to IMPROVE CONTINUOUSLY.
  • We recognize and learn from our mistakes and successes.
  • Our vision reaches beyond the everyday looking for EXCELLENCE.
  • We enjoy our work.
  • We take the risks and the difficult decisions, supporting ourselves in the best sources of INFORMATION.We are flexible to frequent market changes.
  • We take care of the ENVIRONMENT.
  • We respect the diversity of talents and skills that each brings to the company, although INTEGRITY is essential.
  • We admit and recognize GOD as the rector of our actions.
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