The JLA Microbiology Laboratory carries out a wide range of microbiological tests in food, water, effluents and environmental monitoring following traditional and molecular standard methods with the main objective of assisting the food industry in the production and manufacture of safe and sustainable food.

Progress in the application of food safety management systems and increasing requirements on microbiological food criteria intensified health surveillance in the different areas of the food processing process. That is why we offer the food industry environmental monitoring of swabs of surfaces, hands of operators and air.

Our laboratory is committed so that the food industry reaches the quality required by national and international markets and regulations, therefore we count with the human and technological resources to assist it.

We adopt the criteria defined in the ISO 17025 standard for testing laboratory for our quality management system. We are accredited in different tests and matrices by the Argentine Accreditation Body and we are part of SENASA’s national network of testing and diagnostic laboratories in the field of plant foods.

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