Analytical Phase

Residue studies of plant protection products for the purpose of registration

  • Development, execution and direction of the study.
  • Processing of samples in dry ice, with adequate equipment and intended for that purpose.
  • Conservation of samples in cold chambers at less than -20º, with continuous temperature control through verified sensors and alarm systems that report, by e-mail, temperature fluctuations.
  • Adaptation or development of analytical methods agreed with the sponsor. Validation of methodologies through LC MS / MS, CG MS / MS or ICP MS.
  • Determination of residues using the highest technology in equipment, which allows reaching the limits required by the corresponding health authority. We count with:
    • 4 LC MS/MS (AB Sciex 6500 QT Rap)
    • 2 CG MS/MS
    • ICP MS
  • Audit of the critical phases of the study, in charge of a highly qualified multidisciplinary team. The Quality Assurance Unit operates from our central house, strategically located in the center of the country.
  • Preparation of partial reports of phase and final of study.
  • File of the study and raw data for a period of 10 years, in a room specially designed and equipped to ensure its integrity.

The GLP area is independent, but integrated into the JLA residues laboratory. Each laboratory has a team of dedicated and specialized professionals and technicians.

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residuos fitosanitarios
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